Get Docker Toolbox installed on Windows 7 – Run your first command

After setting up my Win 7 Ultimate PC for virtualization with the combination of hardware-software jujitsu I was ready to install ‘Docker Toolbox’ as ‘Docker for Windows’ needs at least Windows 10 Pro.

The limitation is placed since Windows 7 is not equipped with a native Hyper-V (Hypervisor) technology.

You can download Docker Toolbox here and install on your computer using the detailed instructions found on the page.

Done with the installation? Now you have a tool you can use for your web development needs like an Apache / Nginx localhost server and several other apps you can see in the Kitematic GUI installed with the toolbox package.

When you have the whole app installed you will need to run the ‘Docker Quickstart Terminal’ (icon found on Desktop/Quickstart Menu) and you’ll have a command-line tool (bash) at your service.

The first command you’ll want to type would be the famous hello-world thingy but you need to follow the following syntax for that;

docker container run hello-world

The program will download the hello-world image (pre-packaged working stuff) since it’s the first time and it’s not present locally — hello-world now tells you if everything installed is functioning correctly. Your terminal window should look like below;

Docker Terminal in response to hello-world command
Docker Terminal in response to hello-world command (click image to open full-size in new tab)

Ok we are close to setting up our Local Apache Server for testing our web dev stuff closer to the production environment. I will post that command in my next post.

If you’re in a hurry you can join this free course at Code School for learning the basics of Docker/Docker Toolbox.

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